More than 180 years of competence in yarn

Since 1835 we have been developing and producing high-quality yarns together with our suppliers and customers. And we’re proud of that!

Our core areas of expertise are corporate, protection, mobility, industry, interiors and fashion. Collaboration within the Peppermint Group creates synergies from which our partners benefit.

We see ourselves as a centre of excellence for complex and innovative yarn solutions. Our products range from classic wool and wool blend yarns to high-tech yarns with clearly defined requirements profiles for their use in the final product.


Hans-Joachim Gierse

Managing Director

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Thomas Thiel

Commercial Manager

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Who we are and where we came from

From Zwickau to the world: How traditional spinning company Kammgarnspinnerei Schwedewitz AG became one of the Europe’s most modern textile factories.



The forerunner of Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH was founded as Kammgarnspinnerei Petrikowsky & Co., Schedewitz.


Turned into a public company

Kammgarnspinnerei Schedewitz AG had share capital of 2.5 Reichsmarks.


Flooding and subsidence damage

After several devastating floods and subsidence damage, it was decided to construct an entirely new factory on safe terrain.


Inflation and construction

After inflation wiped out all cash-based assets, Kammgarnspinnerei Silberstraße AG was founded in order to finance the new construction in the Silberstraße.


Production commences in the Silberstraße

Production at the new Silberstraße location begins.



Kammgarnspinnerei Schedewitz AG and the Kammgarnspinnerei Silberstraße AG are merged to create Kammgarnspinnerei Schedewitz AG, headquartered in the Silberstraße.


100 years

Kammgarnspinnerei Schedewitz AG in Silberstraße celebrates its 100th anniversary since founding.


In the 2nd World War

Various areas of operation are taken over bit by bit by Mitteldeutsche Motorwerk and Werk Horch, Zwickau.


The 2nd World War was survived without damage. On 1st July, following order no. 124 of the leader of the Soviet military government in Germany, the company was taken into state ownership and worked for the Russian authorities.


The Zwickau combed yarn spinning works (“Zwickauer Kammgarnspinnereien”) are founded

Over the following years, the machinery in the Silberstraße location used for the production of yarns for weaving and knitting are extensively overhauled and modernised.



Comprehensive renewal of equipment in several factories of the VEB Zwickauer Kammgarnspinnereien at a cost of almost 300 million marks. Most of the machines come from western Europe.



Construction of a new, modern yarn combing and dyeing works in Silberstraße. First dyeing takes place on 22/10/1996.



Zwickauer Kammgarnspinnerei GmbH is taken over by the newly founded Peppermint Holding GmbH from Berlin.



Acquisition of ZKS Miletin in the Czech Republic.

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