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Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH (ZKS), a Peppermint Group company, develops and produces high-quality and innovative special yarn solutions for the global market.


High-tech spinning plant

Our core areas of expertise are the corporate, protection, mobility, interiors, industry and fashion industries. Collaboration within the Peppermint Group creates synergies from which our partners benefit.


Partnerships with Kermel, Kanecaron, Lenzing FR, PyroTex, Teijin (Technora, Twaron, Conex)

Wool as a basis

60% of the raw material used is wool


Polyester and polyamide (Standard and HT)

Special fibres

Special fibres such as meta and para-aramids, viscose FR, anti-static and steel, PyroTex, modacrylic and silicone

Sustainable fibres

Recycled and biodegradable synthetic fibres

Chemical and reclaimed fibres

Viscose, Tencel, acrylic and elastane

Great variety of fibres and filaments

We see ourselves as a centre of excellence for complex and innovative yarn solutions. Our products range from classic wool and wool blend yarns to high-tech yarns with clearly defined requirements profiles for their use in the final product.

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Industrial products for individual requirements

Strong partnerships in the areas of raw materials and machine technology as well as with our clients and suppliers are essential for us to innovate and to continually improve quality.

How do we do it? We listen to our clients and strive to develop new products together that are perfectly tailored to their personal preferences and requirements.

Our product development team closely follows international developments and advances new ideas themselves.



We provide a combination of the latest state-of-the art spinning and twisting technologies with fully automated dyeworks and yarn finishing. Based on this we continually design new grades of yarn and develop special products with our clients and suppliers.

Close contact with universities, institutes and associations as well as external testing laboratories are a important elements of this process.

80-120 mm

Long staple technology

Guarantees the required durability and abrasion resistance

  • Simple yarns
  • two-for-one twisted yarn stable and elastic
  • Siro-spun yarns stable and elastic
  • core yarns table and elastic
  • compact yarns stable and elastic
  • Siro-spun compact yarns stable and elastic

50-60 mm

Short staple technology

Guarantees use of many technical fibres that are available exclusively in short staple lengths

  • Simple yarns
  • two-for-one twisted yarn stable and elastic
  • core-spun yarns stable and elastic

Fully automated

Dyeworks and yarn finishing

Guarantees the guaranteed lightfastness, colourfastness and flame retardancy

  • Cross-wound package dyeworks
  • loose stock dyeing
  • comb dyeing
  • dyeing of almost all fibre yarns
  • certified dyeing according to IVN best and GOTS
  • wools with Superwash and Total Easy Care as well as chlorine-free finishing
  • flame retardant properties in the area of mobility (incineration test)

Areas of application

We develop and produce high-quality and innovative specialty yarn solutions in the fields of corporate, protection, mobility, interior, industry and fashion.

Our team

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