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A specially developed spinning method

TRIWITEX® is based on a core yarn technology. This technology harnesses the benefits of wool and other natural and synthetic fibres to develop durable, long-lasting and functional yarns for various applications. Compared to conventional spinning methods, each TRIWITEX® yarn ensures improved strength, high abrasion resistance and virtually no pilling.

Conventional fibre yarns are spun around a robust filament. The TRIWITEX® covering method adopts a truly innovative approach. Previously used as the core, the filament is spun around the fibre and is now on the outside. As the new core, the fibre is then located on the inside and is therefore ideally protected.

A TRIWITEX® yarn with wool core and synthetic fibre filament exclusively preserves the positive properties of wool, while eliminating the negative aspects. This is made possible by the synthetic fibre filament, which binds the protruding wool fibres in the yarn and at the same time improves its abrasion resistance and tensile strength compared to pure wool yarn. Among the most striking effects is the greater durability of the TRIWITEX® yarn.

Pilling comparison

This is most evident in the susceptibility of textile surfaces to pilling. A fabric made of TRIWITEX® satisfies the strictest requirements here. The results of the pilling test (DIN EN ISO 12945-2), as shown in the comparison above, indicate that TRIWITEX® scores the top mark of 5.

A comparable fabric (industry standard) achieves only 3 under identical conditions. Qualified personnel use a standardised visual inspection to award marks on the test scale of 0–5.

Martindale abrasion test

The Martindale test is a method to determine the abrasion resistance of textile surfaces. A high abrasion cycle value indicates good durability.

The method simulates natural wear acting on a fabric by applying a prescribed weight load and then rubbing a sample of the test material against a standardised test fabric. The number of abrasion cycles (standard unit of measurement) are counted until a hole forms in the surface. In principle, Materials with a higher value are more durable.

A targeted mix of fibres and filaments is not enough to achieve the increased useful life and abrasion resistance. What’s more, the clever positioning of the filament within the yarn composite has a significant influence quality of the TRIWITEX®.

* deprives the flame of oxygen
** compared to the other combinations

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Areas of application

A yarn for every use case

TRIWITEX® yarns are extraordinarily versatile and are therefore compatible with a broad variety of industries and uses. The highly individual requirements and scenarios of each sector are no problem for TRIWITEX®. After all, the flexible combination of materials means that our development department can help to satisfy even unusual requirements that were beyond the reach of conventional spinning methods.

For instance, wearing comfort can be maintained and even improved compared to pure wool, despite the technical components in the yarn. With TRIWITEX® technology, lower grammage is achieved with the same durability, as finer yarns can be used due to the greater strength.

Besides the technology’s added performance, a TRIWITEX® yarn also preserves its pleasant textile feel. The spun fibres create this “textile feel”, both in conventional and TRIWITEX® yarns. This is a decisive advantage compared to pure filaments, as it is usually impossible to mix materials into the yarn, which means that the textile feel is missing.


With our large portfolio of functional yarns, we are able to meet the highest technical demands of our customers and comply with safety standards and guidelines.


Materials can be selected to suit the application and then customised individually. A wide variety of functions can be added in this process, including heat and cut protection, antistatic qualities and protection against mechanical effects.

High strength

The tensile strength and durability are also relevant in the area of protection and PPE clothing. The benefit of TRIWITEX® in this regard is that increased resilience can be combined with lower grammage compared to yarns made with conventional spinning methods.


In areas with defined safety guidelines and standards, a TRIWITEX® yarn can improve comfort by reducing the garment weight, while still preserving the required functionality.


In the area of mobility, our yarns are used to make woven and knitted fabrics for all kinds of vehicles. They offer a wide range of application options as seat covers in aeroplanes, buses, trains and in the automotive sector.

Abrasion resistance

Resilience is a key factor in the mobility segment to ensure that the seat covers preserve their high-quality look for a long time. TRIWITEX® raises the bar in this regard thanks to its excellent abrasion resistance. All requirements are exceeded by far – depending on the mixture and the woven or knitted structure. TRIWITEX® possesses outstanding properties, especially when used in knitted fabrics.


The durability of textile products is intrinsically linked to the ability of their raw materials to withstand external influences. With its innovative structure, TRIWITEX® yarn protects your textiles and extends the durability of the end products.

Sitting comfort

A variety of developments are available in connection with TRIWITEX® to improve seat comfort: Firstly, TRIWITEX® has a softer, fabric-like touch compared to a filament made exclusively from synthetic fibres, and it can accommodate anti-odour and other relevant functions. Secondly, TRIWITEX® enables the use of knitted surfaces in the area of mobility, which creates a more pleasant and comfortable seating experience.


Our long-standing expertise in the area of corporate and professional apparel combines the high requirements of textile durability and comfort with fashionable appeal. Our yarns are designed specifically for these purposes and are therefore suitable for authorities, transport companies, the police and similar segments.


TRIWITEX® technology extends the service life of the yarn and therefore the clothing as well. This prolongs the use of workwear, as the yarn performance also allows for longer intervals between washing cycles. Moreover, the material retains its look and feel for longer.


TRIWITEX® yarn possess the same properties as conventional yarn, but at a lower grammage, making professional apparel both lighter and more functional. The garments are therefore more comfortable to wear and possess consistent, long-lasting quality.


The yarn is also highly compatible with a wide range of dyeing options, despite the numerous functionalities, making it particularly suitable for use in official and corporate clothing. In addition, our in-house dyeing facility is able to offer any colour combination you desire.


the high-performance yarn for authorities and corporate wear


Textile products made of TRIWITEX® yarn can also replace conventional fabrics in industrial settings. Yarns can be designed specifically to meet requirements, thanks to the variable selection of core and sheath materials.


Durability and fatigue strength are important factors in the industrial sector especially. Depending on the configuration, TRIWITEX® yarn offers considerable advantages in regard to grammage and specific strength, compared to equivalent solutions.


TRIWITEX® is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to the numerous configuration options for the core and the sheath, as well as the flexible structure of the spun yarn. It is possible to develop and test products for clear and specific requirements to create a yarn that is precisely designed for your specifications.

High strength

Since TRIWITEX® yarn possesses high tensile strength, extremely strong technical textiles can also be engineered with low yarn densities. This enables lighter designs with the same functionality or significantly improved strength with identical material input.


Materials used in interior design especially need to preserve their great look for a long time. We can accommodate this requirement with our TRIWITEX® technology. It improves abrasion resistance and resilience to ensure long-lasting use. TRIWITEX® is therefore ideal for public buildings and hotels, although it is excellent for use in private homes as well.

Abrasion resistance

Among the most striking qualities of TRIWITEX® is its excellent abrasion resistance that preserves the function and look of furnishings and fittings for a long time. TRIWITEX® greatly outperforms the recommended values for textiles used in public spaces.

Sitting comfort

The use of wool and other precious fibres, combined with a sheath material, gives your chairs and sofas a particularly comfortable appeal. Targeted functionality such as anti-odour or anti-bacterial properties are also possible.


Naturally, you want your products to preserve their good looks and natural charm for a long time. Textile surfaces made of TRIWITEX® yarn have extended useful lives, while still preserving their charisma. The fabric retains its colour and look for a longer period and continues to feel wonderful.


TRIWITEX® is suitable for sustainable production thanks to the demonstrable durability of the yarns. The variable use of environmentally friendly resources is an another beneficial factor for the fashion industry.


An individually and creatively designed garment that meets the wishes of the target group is extremely important - especially within the fashion industry. Here, TRIWITEX® can accommodate any requirement for material production, colouring and finishing.


Besides the clear focus on durable garments in the fashion segment, TRIWITEX® is also compatible with the use of ecological materials, for instance in regard to biodegradability and compostability.


TRIWITEX® technology’s main benefit of durability plays a key role in fashion in particular. The significantly extended useful life of wool and other classic fabrics leads to longer and more conscious wearing. You can therefore use durability to signal your clear stance in opposition to the fast fashion trend.

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