Yarn solutions for the segments: corporate, protection, mobility, industry, interiors and fashion.


Together with our clients, we create individual yarn solutions for corporate and work clothing. Our expertise combines the high requirements of durability and comfort with fashionable appeal.


For the protection industry we develop and produce functional yarns for the highest technical requirements according to predetermined safety standards and client demands.


In the area of mobility, our yarns are used for making fabrics for aeroplane, bus, train and car seat covers. They guarantee the required durability, abrasion resistance, light-fastness, colour-fastness and flame retardancy of the fabric.


Yarns for industrial usage pose the greatest challenges for natural and synthetic raw materials as well as the specially adapted spinning technologies.


The interior and object industry is characterised by highly durable smooth yarns and twisted constructions with ultimate resistance, with or without flame retardant properties depending on whether they are to be used in private surroundings, in offices or in public buildings or also theatres and hotels.


In the classic fashion segment, weaving and knitting yarns are produced for international women’s and men’s apparel.