Climate & Environment

Our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of products, raw materials, manufacturing processes and transportation routes.


Greenhouse gases are produced along the entire value chain, from the raw material to the finished textile. We are already reducing the CO2e impact of our production processes through various activities at our production sites.

Photovoltaic systems on our roofs

The rooftops of Zwickauer Kammgarn are already being used to generate electricity.

Since 2006, an average of 900,000 kWh has been generated annually by the existing PV systems.

Heat recovery

With the help of our heat recovery system, we utilize waste heat and lead it back into the dyeing process. By using flash steam and hot waste water, we can generate more than 200,000 kWh of usable energy per year.

Green energy

We have been using green electricity at Zwickauer Kammgarn since 2022. By changing our supply contract, we are promoting the generation of environmentally friendly energy. This enables us to save around 4,500 tons of CO2e per year.

Investment in production machinery

Zwickauer Kammgarn is focusing on future development by investing in its machine infrastructure and at the same time taking measures to improve quality and processes. As a result, energy consumption is being reduced.

Digitization of the metering landscape

By using modern digital meters, energy consumption data can be recorded more precisely, transmitted more efficiently and analyzed better. This measure not only optimizes energy efficiency, but also enables innovative approaches to energy management

Energy management system

Nothing works without energy - which is why we have been successfully operating an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2012. The aim is to continue to continuously reduce our energy consumption.


Our aim is to constantly reduce and avoid the environmental impact of products, raw materials and production processes.

Previous cleaning waste water

At its Wilkau-Haßlau site, Zwickauer Kammgarn has a state-of-the-art dyeing plant for cross-wound bobbins, combed tops and, in some cases, fibers. The wastewater is pretreated here with internal and external monitoring.

Cores made from recycled waste paper

Only tubes made from recycled waste paper are used for the ready-to-ship bobbins. At the customer's request, ZKS also offers to deliver the yarn already on the dye tubes, thus minimizing the environmental impact even further.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We mainly use cardboard boxes/interlayers made from recycled waste paper. We do not use stretch film around the pallets when delivering our products.

Supply chain

We demand transparency from our partners in the supply chain when it comes to sustainability and environmental protection. We offer our customers an exchange on the topic of CO2e accounting from the processing of our yarns to the finished end product.

Increase in e-cars and charging stations

The purchase of electric vehicles is being continuously increased as part of the company car ordinance. In addition, ZKS has its own e-charging stations for cars and bicycles on its premises, which can be used both for its own vehicle fleet and for visitors.